About Us

MANIE ONE (pronounced Meyn-Wuhn)

Manie One was created to complement and enhance the amazing beauty of women around the globe by providing them with creative, sexy yet sophisticated styles that are wearable and look fabulous both in and out of the water. Made from the highest quality threads and materials each and every swimsuit is handmade with care and precision. Every suit has uniqueness making them individual works of art that fit comfortably on the body. The designer works by her 'pledge to perfection' mantra so you get manufacturing excellence with high style and high quality in each piece.

Full of geometric shapes, bold cuts, and head turning intricate detailing Manie One Swimwear is anything but ordinary. The combination of distinctive style and aesthetic beauty with quality and comfort is something that pleases women everywhere. Each suit can be made custom using the client’s measurements/size in the style and colors of their choice so every woman can truly get a suit that’s as unique as they are with the best fit. 


About the Designer 

Crochet designer Charmanie Overton is a fiber artist specializing in the art of crochet. Charmanie picked up this art form by watching her great grandmother Lulu. With her experience of over 30 years she has cultured an exceptional God given gift to crochet freehand making each piece truly unique and creates her own patterns. Mrs. Overton has the ability to make seamless designs, which is uncommon in crochet artistry. Being a San Francisco Bay Area native Mrs. Overton is inspired by her diverse surroundings to create her pieces. She works with different mediums to add unique touches to her designs, such as glass, metal and gem stones to name some. Working with an assortment of finishes and materials aids in turning her crochet fashions and swimwear into astonishing masterpieces that shows her incredible passion for her craft.